Holux ST 150: Telescopic Sliding Door Operator

Automatic Revolving Doors
Our extended telescopic sliding door operator the Holux ST150 provides a wider opening range to meet higher pedestrian traffic. With its elegant design, a very quiet movement, integrated multiple functions, hard-wearing and high performance DC motors, this model offers you the ultimate system that can be connected to Facility Management Systems.
Technical Data: 
Operator specs ST 150
Number of movable leaves Double leaves 4-leaves
Maximum opening width 3000 mm 2500 mm
Minimum opening width 900 mm 1800 mm
Maximum opening height 2500 mm 2500 mm
Maximum weight of door leaf 190kg 300kg
Power supply AC 220 ± 10%50/60 Hz 120 VA
Hold open time (adjustable) 0-30 s
Opening speed (adjustable) 100-550 mm/s 
Closing speed (adjustable) 100-550 mm/s 
Summer and winter opening width Adjustableopening width from 50-100%
Environment temperature -15 to +50°C
International protection degree IP 20