Folding Doors

Automatic Holux Folding Door

For safe and reliable opening in emergencies The Holux folding door was specially developed for use in escape and rescue routes. In normal use, the door panels fold inwards. In emergencies, access to escape and rescue routes is provided by light pressure on the door panel. This frees the track from its rnountings, allowing the door panel and track to open outwards.


  • Hotels
  • Banks
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Public centers
  • Recreational centers
  • Govemmental buildings
  • Chain stores
  • Urban train stations
Automatic Folding door

Technical Data:

Operator specs FD
Maximum opening width 800-2000 mm
Maximum opening height 2500 mm
Weight total 4 x 37,5 kg (max. 150 kg)
Operator dimension (incl. casing)  
Height 180 mm
Depth 240 mm
Power supply AC 220 ± 10%50/60 Hz 120 VA
Hold open time (adjustable) 0-40 s
Opening speed (adjustable) 700 mm/s 
Closing speed (adjustable) 700 mm/s 
Summer and winter opening width Adjustableopening width from 50-100%
Environment temperature -10 to +50°C
International protection degree IP 22