Holux X4

New Generation
Holux X4 is specially designed for the most demanding interior or exterior applications and provides superior strength and sturdiness. This model can easily handle a maximum load of 300 kg.
Control Unit

Producing this controller, we have taken care of all research, design and production stages in Germany and we have thoroughly followed all EU and German DIN norms, such as machinery directives and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) regulations.

Gear motor

Made in Germany, their robust motor easily handles high traffic for an inde- finite time. It assures durability and promotes maximum efficiency. Holux Series brushed DC motor works so smoothly that their noise is literally like an almost inaudible whisper!

Track Profile

You see your Holux doors open welcomingly although you do not hear them! Our unbelievably smooth entrance solution employs a detachable aluminum track profile with a rubber profile to reduce the noise to no more than a muffle.

Technical Data: 
operator height 120 mm
operator depth 150 mm
gear motor power 100W
max. Leaf weight 1 x 200 kg / 2 x 150 kg
track profile detachable aluminum
input power 230V AC +-10%, 50/60Hz
hold-open time (adjustable) 0 - 30 s
opening speed (adjustable) 100 - 550 mm/s
closing Speed (adjustable) 100 - 500 mm/s
ambient temperature -15 to +50°C
protection class IP20